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Eat All Your Favorite Foods and Look Great!

Posted on January 28th, 2014


Tooth loss means bone loss! When we loss our teeth, we quickly lose bone as well and our face begins to “cave in.”  So not only are we unable to eat all those yummy crunchy foods, we don’t feel much like smiling either. We still have a few seats left in our Free Implant Seminar, Thursday February 13 6:00-7:00 PM.   If you are missing teeth, wear ill-fitting dentures, or are confused about “what is best” for you, this is a great no-obligation way to learn more about the many different options available today for the replacement of missing teeth.  You can enjoy the free food and refreshments, and we even give away some really neat prizes just for attending!  Call to reserve your seat today!

About Dr. James Sevey & Dr. Natalie Sigwart

Dr. Sevey has 30 years of experience in the dental profession. Dentistry is constantly evolving and Dr. Sevey’s commitment to continuing education keeps him current with the latest advances in order to benefit his patients.

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