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June is Migraine Awareness Month!

Posted on June 18th, 2015

Dr. Sevey and two of his assistants, Lacey Littlefield and Leeann Joy, recently returned from a 2 1/2 day training in Florida on Dentomandibular Sensorimotor Dysfunction. Congratulations to Lacey and Lee for successfully completing their training to become Dentomandibular Rehabilitation Therapists and on acing their exam – scoring 98% and 97%!
Dentomandibular Sensorimotor Dysfunction (DMSD) is a medical condition involving the lower jaw, neck, and the surrounding muscle and nerve areas. There is a concentrated nerve center in this area called the trigeminal nucleus. This major pathway of nerves controls pain signals from the teeth, face, head, and neck, and carries them to the brain. DMSD refers to a condition in which an individual experiences chronic pain or stiffness from these nerve inputs as a result of dental force imbalances.
There are many symptoms associated with DMSD conditions. Some of the most commonly reported are headache/migraine, myofascial pain, tinnitus, and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD). We are excited to be able to offer options for our patients to treat these symptoms.
DMSD affects all ages and both genders. However, females are more likely to suffer from DMSD. Individuals who have experienced chronic headaches and/or migraines without finding lasting relief through traditional medicine can be assessed for DMSD through a combination of objective tests, evaluations, and a comprehensive discussion of their symptoms, medical history, headache history, pharmacological background, and head health. Research used in sports medicine and rehabilitation allows dentists to address the population with DMSD symptoms.
If you are suffering from chronic headaches, migraines, or jaw pain, and have not found lasting relief through traditional medicine, call us at 942-3000 to schedule an evaluation to see if DMSD might be the cause of your pain.

About Dr. James Sevey & Dr. Natalie Sigwart

Dr. Sevey has 30 years of experience in the dental profession. Dentistry is constantly evolving and Dr. Sevey’s commitment to continuing education keeps him current with the latest advances in order to benefit his patients.

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