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MS in Bangor Maine

Posted on March 27th, 2013

Last night Dr. Sevey and Sophie attended the Mile Stones Gala at the Wells Conference Center in Orono, Maine. The Gala honored Danny and Carla Lafayette and Bangor Savings Bank for their help in establishing a Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Care at Eastern Maine Medical Center. The incidence of MS in Maine is above the national average. More than 3,000 people have self-reported the disease, but without enough neurologists in central, eastern and northern Maine, it is possible that many people have MS but are not seeking treatment for it. Many people with MS have to travel significant distances to seek treatment, and then must coordinate all of the various aspects of their care, from neurologists and physical therapy to tests and prescriptions. Having a comprehensive multiple sclerosis care program at the EMMC Healthcare Mall will ensure high-quality services in one location, under the leadership of an MS-certified nurse, an MS social worker, a board-certified neurologist, and an MS fellowship-trained rehabilitation medical doctor. Thanks to the generous support of Carla and Danny Lafayette, Bangor Savings Bank and many other local businesses, enough money has been raised to fund this center for the first three years so it will be opening in July! We are truly blessed to live in Bangor, where such community minded individuals make meeting life’s challenges easier.

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